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Nudgital helps organizations align their strategy, practices, and tools for communications and community to support their mission, values, sustainability, and growth.

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A frame from a 1969 Coca Cola filmstrip, where the word FOCUS narrows toward the center of a series of white concentric rings crossed by radiating white lines.
Focus Focus” by Bart Everson, here cropped, is licensed via CC BY 2.0.




Open knowledge



Consulting with 100s of public and private colleges and universities, community colleges, and K12 schools in the USA and around the world.

Close up of the inside of a pinball scoreboard, showing bright yellow numbered wheels with the first three on 5 and the next four turning to four.
United’s Ace Shuffle Alley Back” by Nate Angell, here cropped and rotated, is licensed via CC BY 2.0.
A headshot of Nate Angell, smiling and wearing a purpleish blue shirt in front of a mossy stone wall with sun shining on his face.

Nate Angell: Founder

I’m a leader who connects people, ideas, and technologies to make the world better. I work with public and private institutions to build sustainable growth via community development, digital communications, policy and governance, meaningful learning, and open knowledge and technologies. Learn more about me via my portfolio, blog, and resume.